Who you looking at?
Who you looking at?
Despite the sometimes ferocious look of the bulldog,
it is one of the most trustworthy, obedient and docile dogs you could ever have the pleasure of owning. 

It may seem at times that the bulldog's outlook on life is somewhat serious which explains why they are referred to as "sour mugs", however they actually have a wonderful sense of humour and their great sense of curiosity has a way of getting them into all sorts of bother.

The bulldog is gentle and placid making a great companion for children. 

A bulldog will grow to be a much loved member of the family who will reward you with years of loyalty and devotion. 

No other dog will enjoy your attention quite as much as a bulldog, they are at their happiest when simply by your side, they are the ultimate couch potato.

To the bulldog their owners are their lives.  They will sometimes act like jokers just to make you laugh.  They become very sensitive to your moods and are totally forgiving and totally loving towards their families. 


The bulldog is dignified, their inner beauty and charm will no doubt steal your heart. 

To own a bulldog is a pleasure and an honour, where ever you take your bulldog people will be captivated and intrigued by it.