A serious issue in regards to a bulldog's health is

You must be aware of this and take every precaution to keep your bulldog cool while temperatures are up and
humidity is high. 

Air conditioning and wet cool towels are a good way to keep your bulldog from over heating. 

Never exercise or over exert your bulldog when it is hot.  Panting, which if allowed to continue increases phlegm build up in the throat and the tissues of the throat begin to swell.  This causes stress and impedes the bulldogs ability to breath. 
This can be fatal.

Bitches also have difficulties in breeding naturally. 

An extremely high rate of pups are delivered by caesarean section due to the width of the pups shoulders being too wide in comparison to the bitches pelvis.  Mortality rates for puppies are high. 

The process to conceive and deliver can be extremely expensive.