Someone has to look after me
Someone has to look after me


Bulldogs are not a breed that will be able to accompany you on your 5km run each morning, however this is not to say that a bulldog will not benefit from moderate exercise. 

A steady walk around the park in the cooler hours of the day will do good for your bulldog's health providing the temperatures are not high.

The key word to remember is moderation.

Most bulldogs are better used as sinkers than lifesavers, due to their body structure it is difficult for them to stay afloat, so it should not be assumed that your bulldog would enjoy a nip in the pool as part of his exercise programme. 

For this reason, you should never leave your bulldog unattended near unfenced pools or water ways.


Daily brushing is advised even though this breed has a short coat. 

They also need to have their wrinkles cleaned daily to stop any irritation and infection forming within the folds of skin.  Using unscented baby wipes are the perfect cleaning material for your bulldog.

The anal area must also be cleaned on a daily basis.  Check your bulldogs ears regularly for any dirt or debris and monitor their nail growth.


Even puppy bulldogs have great strength in their jaws for their size and are usually successful at chewing their way through whatever they set their sights on.  Dont give your puppy anything that can break into pieces and lodge in the throat. 

Never give your bulldog bones, it is easy for a bulldog to chew it into pieces and could result in a perforated intestine.