We are frequently asked the question "are bulldogs good with kids?"

The short answer is yes!  They are a placid breed who love lots of attention and they are very tolerant of children. 

It is always advisable to supervise young children around any breed of dog, but particularly those who are large, heavy and strong as sometimes playing can get a little rough and accidents can occur.

Our children have been raised with dogs their entire lives and our puppies are well used to being handled by children by the time they leave our care.

How come the bulldog is an expensive breed?

The british bulldog is a difficult breed to successfully reproduce.  The process begins long before pups are expected.  Hours of careful study go into the bloodlines of each dog we are hoping to use for our breeding programme.  Once selected, parents are then vet checked to ensure they are fit and healthy, it's no good having a great looking dog if its unhealthy.

Once in season, our girls are blood tested each day to ensure that the matings take place at exactly the right time in her cycle.  Matings are usually performed by artificial insemination at our vet hospital.  Mum-to-be would have already been placed on a specific diet with supplements to ensure that she has every possible chance of carrying a healthy litter. The next step is to wait to have an ultrasound to find out if we have been lucky enough to have had a successful mating.  Upto this point every cost already invested must be absorbed by the breeder on the result coming back negative, there is around a 50% chance of the result going either way.

If we receive a positive result, mum must be monitored closely for the next month or so to ensure there are no complications along the way.  As we get closer to her whelping date, bloodwork commences again to determine the exact time for c-section to be performed.   There are numerous complications that can occur at this time both for pups and mum which is why we entrust our dogs to only the best veterinarians in Queensland.  Pups are assessed immediately after birth, there are problems associated with the birthing process that may need to be treated immediately, those with any serious health problems which will poorly affect the quality of a dogs life are unfortunately not proceeded with at this point.

Once allowed home, the work really starts to begin.  Our pups are looked after 24/7, their feeding schedule begins on a 2 hourly basis which includes night feeds, they are not left alone with their mums like other breeds, they are literally hand raised by us from day one.

Additional costs then begin to care for a litter for 8 weeks.
Costs to the breeder are many and varied, most not even considered by buyers when looking for a puppy. Its amazing the unexpected costs involved (electricity, water, soap powder etc) with 6 extra loads of washing and drying performed each day so that bedding to the whelping box stays immaculate to elimate chances of infection from occuring.  Heating that must stay constant in the puppy nursery for the first 4 weeks of life, the hundreds of litres of supplimented milk given to pups when mum can not continue to nurse them, the teats, the bottles, the syringes, the thousands upon thousands of cotton balls used to toilet pups because mum doesnt toilet her babies like other breeds.

 We use only the best products on our pups, all foods are of the highest quality and meat products used are those only suitable for human consumption, no dog food is used on our pups other than a selected quality dry kibble mix to ensure their nutritional needs are met in every way.
Pups are wormed, vet checked and monitored by our veterinarian at regular intervals aswel as being vaccinated, microchipped and health certified before leaving our care.  This is why the bulldog is an expensive breed to purchase and a difficult one to find available at times. 

We have not even ventured into the fact that 24/7 care means that someone must be home every minute of every day, so time must be taken away from regular work and family commitments to ensure that your puppy is raised correctly.  The work we put in now will benefit you for years to come.

Can I board my bulldog with you?

We are not a boarding kennel, our dogs live with us and are our pets first and foremost.  Unfortunately on most occasions we are unable to help if you are looking to board your dog for a long period but we can refer you to local boarding kennels.   On rare occasions we can accommodate one dog at a time.  If this is the case a charge of between $10-$20 per day would be expected (depending on the age of the dog) to cover the cost of their care and 2 meals a day. 
Any dog would need to be fully vaccinated prior to staying in our care in order to protect other animals from the possibility of disease and any unforseen vet costs associated with keeping your dog in our care also become your responsibility.

Will a bulldog get along well with other animals?

Bulldogs love lots of interaction with people and animals.  It is a very easy process for a new puppy to adapt to a new home which already consists of animals.  They simply grow up thinking that life is as it should be. 
Our dogs think that our cats are just part of the family and would not consider hurting them. 

The only time it can be a little tricky is if you were to purchase an older dog who had not been around other animals before, however this is still possible by all means.

I only have a very small yard so how often will I have to exercise a bulldog?

Bulldogs need little exercise as young pups, they literally exercise themselves while you play with them.  When they are bigger and more capable of exercise then a walk in the cooler hours of the day will keep them in good health.

Does the bulldog drool a lot?

The bulldog is not a breed known for drooling.  When they are hot they do pant and can drip from the mouth, however the short answer is no.

Do they shed a lot of hair?

All dogs shed hair except for some dogs that we refer to as "designer dogs", however being a breed that have a short coat means that they tend not to shed a lot of hair. 

Making sure that the coat is brushed regularly will keep it in good condition and will remove any access hair that you don't want around the house.

I work all day, will my bulldog be destructive?

Firstly we recommend that you decide for yourself whether or not you really have the time to devote to raising a puppy.  Between 8-12 weeks of age is a very important time for puppy to bond with it's new family and it is advisable that you spend as much time as possible with your new puppy in order for them to learn what this big world is all about.

Bulldogs can be left while you go to work, providing they have access to get inside or into a shaded area of your home where there is plenty of cool fresh water to drink.  Remember they do not like the heat, so they need to be accommodated in this regard.  Never leave a bulldog outside when humidity is high and never ever leave them alone in a car.

Bulldogs are not destructive by nature and I have yet to meet one that insists on digging and chewing as some other breeds are famous for, however this is not to say that if a bulldog gets board it will not find something to occupy it's time.  This is when a bulldog will appreciate having other animals around to play with.  There are lots of good toys available to buy to keep your bulldog entertained throughout the day and lets face it, they love to sleep so their bed is just as attractive to them most of the time.

Will a bulldog be a good guard dog?

A bulldog can be protective of it's family, but in general NO, a bulldog is not an aggressive dog. 

If you are considering guard training for protection then we strongly suggest looking for another breed.  To train a bulldog, who already has a tendency to never give up, to be an aggressive or hostile animal would be something that I wish to never encounter. 

A bulldog has great strength and power and one with a bad attitude would be a pure danger.

Should I take my puppy to puppy school or puppy day care?

Puppy school is a great way to socialise your dog and also teach it necessary manners to live in harmony within your family.  Puppy day care is also a good idea, however remember that your puppy must have finished it's course of puppy vaccinations prior to attending, this is usually around the 12week age.

Should I meet a puppy to decide if it is right for me?

I would say if you have not decided on the breed, then please do not meet with a bulldog puppy.  No-one can resist a puppy, they are all absolutely adorable and you will buy on impulse.  

Do the research before hand and be sure that it is the most suitable breed for your circumstances before you contemplate meeting one in the flesh as they will capture your heart.

How can I secure a puppy from your next litter?

We do not allow any of our pups to be offered for sale before they  have arrived safely and passed their danger zone and we are confident that we can offer a healthy puppy for sale. 

We do not accept deposits prior to offering our pups for sale.  We contact everyone on our waiting list at the same time via a bulk email to notify them when we are happy to announce them available. 

We then leave the rest to you, it is not necessary for us to try and sell our puppies, they sell themselves so once we offer puppies for sale you are welcome to enquire about photos and prices etc.

Do I have to be approved?

Yes, we only sell our puppies to homes that we approve of.  We generally ask that you tell us a little about your personal situation to ensure that we know enough to suggest which puppy would be the right one for you.  They are all individuals who have their own personalities and needs.  We are constantly contacted by people wanting a particular colour and nothing else matters, personally we believe that a puppies health and temperament are the most important things you should be concerned with and keep an open mind on colour prefernces.

Should I desex my puppy?

This depends on your circumstances, however we suggest any bulldog not being used for breeding purposes should be desexed and we are happy to discuss the benefits of this with you.

Will I get papers with my puppy?

Yes, we are registered breeders with DOGS Queensland and all of our puppies are registered and come with pedigree papers. 

We choose to limit the register on our pups which means that you will receive pedigree papers, but puppies are not sold with breeding/show rights.

How do I know I have bought a healthy puppy?

All our pups are health checked before we allow them to leave our care and vet certified.  We encourage you to have your puppy checked within 48 hours of receiving it by an independent vet of your choice to confirm that you are happy with the health of the puppy.  If for any reason there are any health concerns with your puppy that we have missed, we offer you a full refund of payment on return of the puppy during this 48 hour period.

Once I get the puppy what support do I have?

Our pups come with a very informative puppy pack which includes a variety of information on all aspects of care for your bulldog as well as a number of puppy products to get you started.  You are also welcome to contact us 24/7 for personal support if needed.  We are only too happy to chat to you at any time to answer any queries you may have.