My love for the British bulldog began many years ago with my parents being both breeder and exhibitors of this wonderful breed back home in England.

After being fortunate enough to grow up around these special dogs, it was inevitable that when I chose my first pet it had to be none other than the bulldog.

In 1983 my best mate "BOSS" passed away at 9 years of age and it was then that I decided that I would take the leap and venture into the exhausting task of breeding them for myself under the experienced guidance of my parents.

After spending a number of years breeding in the UK I finally met my wife and she too began her journey into the wonderful world of sourmugs. 

Although she had experience breeding other breeds, she had no experience with bulldogs but was more than willing to take on the day to day care of mans best friend.

After having our first child we were given the opportunity to leave London for the promise of a better life in Australia and had to make the heart breaking decision to leave the rest of our canine family where they belonged instead of subjecting them to being held in quarantine.

Once settled in Australia it wasn't too long before we thought about getting a family pet.  Of course in our minds there was only one breed that we could possibly choose to join our now expanding family of  five.

After searching for quite some time we found a very small but dedicated breeder in the outskirts of the Toowoomba region where we were introduced to our newest member of the family "Shiraz".  Shiraz's sire was from a larger reputable named breeder which we felt confident would be suitable for reproduction.

Shiraz was a very timid soul who needed a great deal of love and attention but settled into our family easily.  Of course, bulldogs are just like a box of chocolates and you cant just stop at one, so our family began to grow and grow with additions from local, interstate and overseas bloodlines.

We now proudly own 26 bulldogs, which due to kennel licensing requirements, see many of them contracted throughout Australia but return home for breeding purposes when scheduled.

My wife experienced breeding bulldogs first hand for the first time in Australia with a huge support network of other breeders and the best veterinary care we could find in Queensland.  

As my attention had to be unfortunately directed elsewhere, I could only offer her my support without playing such a hands on roll that I had in the past. 

I am very proud to say that she does a smashing job, her unquestionable love for each and every puppy that she has produced is evident by all who encounter her. 

Despite the sleepless nights, the laughter and tears along the way she stays devoted to our breed and offers time and support to everyone who contacts her.

It is our ambition to be able to let other people experience the joys of the bulldog that I personally have encountered throughout my life. 

It's certainly not my aim to have my dogs perform in the show ring. Unfortunately some of the shows that I witness with my parents as a lad in England bordered on the edge of cruelty rather than from a love of the breed, so as an adult I made the informed decision to leave that world to those who are more suited and accepting of it's lifestyle.

We breed first and foremost for sound type & temperament and prefer our dogs be sold as pets when we do have puppies available.  We will only sell our puppies on a limited register pedigree unless it is to an approved breeder who we feel confident will put the needs of the puppy above the recognition of obtaining the best puppy in show (despite what it takes) or alternatively use our puppies as "breeding machines".

If you are looking for a show dog then we are happy to refer you to breeders who are more than willing to help you obtain a puppy to enter into the arena.

I would neither recommend nor discredit any particular breeder (any breeder who does usually has a selfish underlying reason such as being jealous of another) all breeders do a fantastic job with these dogs, however many have differing opinions about the show world.  I'm not saying that shows are inhumane or that everyone who is involved are monsters (some of our best friends are well regarded in the arena), I'm simply saying that we aim to breed sound pets that comply to breed standards for you to enjoy as a member of your family.

    We simply strive to make the bulldog obtainable by the general public for their appreciation and devotion.  Bulldogs have encountered a tough enough time in history and I believe it's now their time to be unconditionally loved and spoilt.

I hope this has given you all a better understand of where we are coming from in terms of our love for the breed. 

Those who do buy a puppy from us becomes part of our extended family and we are happy to stay in regular contact.  It is not the "END" when a puppy leaves our care, but rather just the beginning of our amazing journey together.